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Mon, May 9, 2016 - [Sports]
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Thanks to all who competed in the MLB Pitch, Hit & Run Sectional Competition. The All-Around Champions in each age group now have a chance to advance to regionals based on scores from area sectionals. 

2016 Sectional Results - BOYS
Age: 8 & UnderNameScore
All-Around ChampionMax Hamilton868
Age: 9/10NameScore
All-Around ChampionChris Mancinas1124
Age: 11/12NameScore
All-Around ChampionNoble Oxford1156
Age: 13/14NameScore
All-Around ChampionJa'Hawn Byrd1136
2016 Sectional Results - GIRLS
Age: 8 & UnderNameScore
All-Around ChampionMegan Walters463
Age: 9/10NameScore
All-Around ChampionAlly Miller826
Age: 11/12NameScore
All-Around ChampionJenna Curry975
Age: 13/14NameScore
All-Around ChampionBrianna Waggoner964
Ages 8 & Under BoysPitchHitRunTotal
Max H. 300250318868
Henry K. 225240345810
Zane S. 300144325769
Ben G. 225234307766
Cale F. 225196288709
Elijah L. 150176339665
Derek S. 150176325651
Jack M. 225152269646
Jadin H. 75212314601
Logan M. 150150300600
Mason G. 50188282520
Christopher R.150156188494
Lucien B. 50180257487
Leo S. 7550350475
Ages 8 & Under GirlsPitchHitRunTotal
Megan W.7550338463
Madilyn B.5050238338
Zoie H. 5050175275
Tylar B. 5050168268
Ages 9 & 10 BoysPitchHitRunTotal
Chris M.4502863881124
Andrew J.3753183511044
Richard Quinn G.225408350983
Kyler W. 225326327878
Norman D.225326268819
Kyle G.300174320794
Evan D. 75324338737
Rylee C.150222282654
Grady W.75208339622
Kaiden R. 75224320619
Ashton H.50292256598
Ramey K.75200320595
Cayden B.150256186592
Josh G. 50136250436
Ages 9 & 10 GirlsPitchHitRunTotal
Ally M. 375206245826
Marisa T. 300192275767
Addie F.150300307757
McKenzie B.225116288629
Reese C.150116188454
Briana J.7550226351
Ages 11 & 12 BoysPitchHitRunTotal
Noble O.3004683881156
Caden H.3753063871068
Antonio D.3003364141050
Keynan S.3003263831009
Ian D.3003483561004
Kreyton B.375218363956
Jackson W.300278351929
Aaron S.225302325852
Ryne F. 150244326720
Jordan A.50292350692
Xander M.50256360666
Devin M.75246338659
Brady E.75216364655
Kace K.50174382606
Ages 11 & 12 GirlsPitchHitRunTotal
Jenna C. 375262338975
Makayla M.300164370834
Aysha H.225210316751
Aydan B. 150190377717
Cassidy R.300148220668
Harley S. 225134288647
Kaitlyn W.75190364629
Megan M. 22550307582
Ages 13 & 14 BoysPitchHitRunTotal
Ja'Hawn B.3003864501136
Jaron B.2254504201095
Janmarco M.225404369998
Cody W. 150384406940
Johnny V. 225242433900
Ages 13 & 14 GirlsPitchHitRunTotal
Brianna W.300282382964
Lily T. 75246339660
Kelli J. 50158358566
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