Martial Arts

Martial Arts - Summer 2013


Steve Stillwell's Blue Valley Bushidokan Martial Arts Academy.

Martial Arts: Early Learners/Preschool
Toddlers develop coordination and balance while learning fundamental skills. Top-notch instructors encourage a strong, positive self-image in a structured and disciplined atmosphere. Offered in partnership with Blue Valley Bushidokan Martial Arts Academy.
Ages 4-5
163052-01        T/TH           10:00-10:45am                6/4-6/27             BVK            $59/$74NR
163052-02        T/TH           4:45-5:30pm                    6/4-6/27             BVK            $59/$74NR
163052-03        SAT            9:15-10:00am                  6/8-7/27             BVK            $59/$74NR
163052-04        T/TH           10:00-10:45am                7/9-8/1               BVK            $59/$74NR
163052-05        T/TH           4:45-5:30pm                    7/9-8/1               BVK            $59/$74NR
Martial Arts: Beginner/Advanced Beginner
Fundamental martial arts skills and flexibility taught in a structured environment. Improve coordination, self-respect, and self-discipline. Offered in partnership with Blue Valley Bushidokan Martial Arts Academy.
Ages 6-12
163052-06        T/TH           11:00-11:55am                6/4-6/27             BVK            $59/$74NR
163052-07        T/TH           6:30-7:25pm                    6/4-6/27             BVK            $59/$74NR
163052-08        SAT            10:00-10:55am                6/8-7/27             BVK            $59/$74NR
163052-09        T/TH           11:00-11:55am                7/9-8/1               BVK            $59/$74NR
163052-10        T/TH           6:30-7:25pm                    7/9-8/1               BVK            $59/$74NR


Martial Arts - Adult
Learn self-defense skills with elements of Karate, Judo, and Jujitsu. Increase flexibility, coordination, self-discipline, and self-control. Offered in partnership with Blue Valley Bushidokan Martial Arts Academy.
Ages 13 and up
162007-01            T/TH                     7:30-8:25pm               6/4-6/27             BVK              $59/$74NR
162007-02            T/TH                     7:30-8:25pm               7/9-8/1               BVK              $59/$74NR


Boomers Martial Arts
Elements of Karate, Judo and Jujitsu promote flexibility and coordination with gentle movements. Offered in partnership with Blue Valley Bushidokan Martial Arts Academy.
Ages 45 and up
162007-03      T/TH           7:30-8:25pm                      6/4-6/27           BVK       $59/$74NR
162007-04      T/TH           7:30-8:25pm                      7/9-8/1             BVK       $59/$74NR
Hours of Operation

Activity Center
6545 W. 151st Street

Monday - Friday: 6:00A-9:00P
Saturday: 7:00A-7:00P
Sunday: 12:00P-7:00P

Rec Center at Hilltop (RC)
7720 W. 143rd Street
Monday-Friday: 5:30A-10:00P
Saturday: 7:00A-8:00P
Sunday: 10:00A-7:00P

Sports Complex Office (SC)
9701 W. 137th Street

Monday-Friday: 8:00A-4:30P

Administrative Offices
6545 W. 151st Street

Monday-Friday: 8:00A-4:30P

Vision Statement:

"Enriching Lives, Strengthening a Spirit of Community"

Mission Statement:

"We will champion community and personal growth through dynamic lifelong recreation experiences."