Aqua Fitness


Aqua Mix - Muscle toning, cardio, upper-body strengthening, and stretching make for a total body workout. Warm-up in the lazy river channel, thenuse resistance equipment in the lap pool for upper body and core exercises. Finish with a cool-down period.

Aqua River - Water aerobics in the river channel! High-intensity movements challenge both balance and coordination while keeping heart rate up. Must be strong enough to resist the push of moving water.

Aqua River Mix - High-intensity exercises get the heart rate up. Begin in the lazy river channel for jogging, aerobic exercise, and upper body strengthening with resistance equipment. Move to the lap pool for core and upper body exercises. Cool down with lap swimming and deep-water exercises.

Aqua Core - Water aerobics to strengthen and tone. Perform Pilates and kickboxing exercises that target abdominal and lower back muscles. Water resistance and stretching improves flexibility.

H20 Body - Start off with a challenging workout. Focus is on cardio, core strengthening, and muscle toning.

Aqua Deep Water - No swimming skills required. Strengthen core, build lean muscles, improve cardio fitness with no impact to your joints. Provided flotation belts and equipment make floating effortless.

Aqua Senior - Low-impact exercises increase flexibility, balance, and coordination while being gentle on joints. Low intensity walking and other movements included to prevent chilling.

Advance Aqua Senior - Designed to provide a challenging, yet gentle workout. Focus on joints, flexibility, and muscle toning.

Hours of Operation

Activity Center (AC)
6545 W. 151st Street

Monday - Friday: 6:00A-9:00P
Saturday: 7:00A-7:00P
Sunday: 12:00P-7:00P

Rec Center at Hilltop (RC)
7720 W. 143rd Street
Monday-Friday: 5:30A-10:00P
Saturday: 7:00A-8:00P
Sunday: 8:00A-8:00P

Sports Complex Office (SC)
9701 W. 137th Street

Monday-Friday: 8:00A-4:30P

Administrative Offices
6545 W. 151st Street

Monday-Friday: 8:00A-4:30P

Vision Statement:

"Enriching Lives, Strengthening a Spirit of Community"

Mission Statement:

"We will champion community and personal growth through dynamic lifelong recreation experiences."