Youth Basketball Camps & Clinics

Donnie Campbell Camps & Clinics
Players benefit from head coach Donnie Campbell’s 25+ years of experience in coaching and player development. Bring a basketball with your name on it.

Basketball Players Clinic
Learn the proper techniques and fundamentals of basketball to prepare for the upcoming season.
Ages 7-9
263036-01       Sa        9:00A-12:00P 10/21   PRM    $30/$38NR
Ages 10-13
263036-02       Sa        1:00P-4:00P    10/21   PRM    $30/$38NR

Holiday Basketball Camp
Are your kids on holiday break and need to get out of the house? These camps are ideal for extra practice during break! Focus on shooting, passing, defense, offense, agility, and dribbling. Scrimmages and games included. Every camper registered before the deadline receives a t-shirt.
Ages 7-9
263039-01       Th,F    9:00A-12:00P 12/21-12/22    RC       $43/$54NR
263039-02       Th,F    12:00P-3:00P  12/21-12/22    RC       $43/$54NR
263039-05       Tu-F    9:00A-12:00P 12/26-12/29    RC       $86/$108NR
263039-06       Tu-F    12:00P-3:00P  12/26-12/29    RC       $86/$108NR
Ages 10-13
263039-03       Th,F    9:00A-12:00P 12/21-12/22    RC       $43/$54NR
263039-04       Th,F    12:00P-3:00P  12/21-12/22    RC       $43/$54NR
263039-07       Tu-F    9:00A-12:00P 12/26-12/29    RC       $86/$108NR
263039-08       Tu-F    12:00P-3:00P  12/26-12/29    RC       $86/$108NR

Coed Basketball Clinics
Olathe North head coach Jeff Walton instructs players in offensive maneuvers and skills. Bring a basketball with your name on it.

Shooting Clinic
Players learn how to incorporate the hands, the feet, and the mind as they explore both the hand placement and footwork involved in solid fundamental shooting. Players will also be introduced to a variety of ideas on the mental aspects of shooting and practice shooting off the dribble and off the catch. The goal is to give players a more comprehensive
understanding of all that goes into effective shooting.
Ages 7-12
263093-01       M,W    6:00P-6:55P    10/9-10/11      OTE    $30/$40NR
263093-02       Tu,Th  7:00P-7:55P    10/10-10/12    OTE    $30/$40NR

Ball Handling
Introduces players to more difficult aspects of ball handling and scoring. Players will learn and apply single moves, double moves, and triple moves. Players will also be challenged with more difficult individual ball-handling drills that they can work on in an individual setting. Drill work will be done with cones and in player vs. player situations. Come ready to work and have fun!
Ages 7-12
263093-03       M,W    7:00P-7:55P    10/9-10/11      OTE    $30/$40NR
263093-04       Tu,Th  6:00P-6:55P    10/10-10/12    OTE    $30/$40NR


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