What does Blue Valley Recreation do?

Blue Valley Rec is a problem solver in the community. We provide educational training and active participation in the battle against childhood obesity; bring an economic impact to the community; contribute to a sustainable existence through educational classes and recycling opportunities; facilitate social interaction; develop analytic and cognitive skills; save lives through Learn-to-Swim classes; decrease crime; boost property value; and address the growing 55 GO population needs.
What services does Blue Valley Recreation provide?
Blue Valley Rec enriches lives of the community through hundreds of youth and adult programs, classes, activities, and sport leagues. Facilities for these activities include the Sports Complex at 137th and Antioch, the Activity Center at 6545 W. 151st Street, the Recreation Center at Hilltop at 7720 W. 143rd St., and various school district facilities.
In 2016, Blue Valley Recreation:
• Processed more than 86,000 registrations
• Exceeded 600,000 total spectators at programs, events and tournaments
• Recruited more than 500 adults volunteer to coach youth programs
• Generated an economic impact of more than $12,500,000
• Partnered with Blue Valley Schools for nearly 25,000 hours of facility usage
What do these services cost the average taxpayer?
The property tax supporting Blue Valley Recreation is less than $5 per month on a home valued at $300,000.
Of my total property tax bill, what portion goes to Blue Valley Recreation?
Approximately 1.38%.
What do my taxes pay for?
The mill levy for the 2011-12 budget marked the first increase in seven years. Blue Valley homeowners have experienced a 36.5% reduction in their taxes paid to Blue Valley Rec since 2000-01. User fees and non-tax revenues primarily support recreation programs. Tax revenues generally pay for facility-related expenses. Facility-related expenses include lease service, improvements, some administration, and a portion of the maintenance on facilities.


What is Blue Valley Rec’s relationship to the Blue Valley School District?
Under Kansas State Statutes, voters formed Blue Valley Recreation Commission in 1986 to provide local recreation programs under the auspices of the Blue Valley School Board. Blue Valley Rec is a separate entity; the Board of Education certifies the Commission’s budget and appoints commissioners. The great partnership with the Blue Valley School District allows Blue Valley Rec to contain costs to patrons.
Does Overland Park, Johnson County or Leawood offer the same services as Blue Valley Recreation in the Blue Valley District?
Typically, no. It is important to remember the Blue Valley community initiated the Commission to provide recreational opportunities the community felt were not adequately provided. Blue Valley Rec collaborates with other agencies to avoid duplication and optimize facilities and programs. Listed below are conditions that enable the services of these agencies to dovetail and complement each other. Differences in Mission: The missions differ considerably between Blue Valley Rec and these parks and recreation entities in that the Blue Valley Rec’s emphasis is on programming, while the county and two cities emphasize facilities such as community centers, city and county parks, trails, golf courses and swimming pools.
Does Blue Valley Recreation utilize volunteers or is it all paid staff?
Paid professionals plan, organize and orchestrate Blue Valley Rec programs and hundreds of seasonal and part-time paid positions provide a unique job center for the community. Even with these paid positions, the quality and supervision of our programs depends on a large cast of dedicated volunteers. Annually, some 1,400 volunteers donate over 120,000 hours, serving on advisory committees, at registrations, as teachers, supervisors, coaches and leaders.
Can Blue Valley Recreation levy taxes?
By Kansas State Statue, no, the Blue Valley School District's Board of Education certifies and levies mills, currently 2.201.
Does Blue Valley Recreation utilize school facilities?
A tremendous partnership with the Blue Valley School District allows Blue Valley Rec to utilize school district facilities when available, including cafeterias, commons, gymnasiums, performing arts centers and sports fields.
Who sets policies for Blue Valley Recreation?
A seven-member Commission, comprised of community members appointed by the Board of Education, sets policy for Blue Valley Rec. Each of the three school board districts has two appointed commissioners and there is one at-large commissioner. Commissioners serve a four-year term, without compensation and are eligible to reapply for a second term.


Hours of Operation

Activity Center (AC)
6545 W. 151st Street

Monday - Friday: 6:00A-9:00P
Saturday: 7:00A-7:00P
Sunday: 12:00P-7:00P

Rec Center at Hilltop (RC)
7720 W. 143rd Street
Monday-Friday: 5:30A-10:00P
Saturday: 7:00A-8:00P
Sunday: 8:00A-8:00P

Sports Complex Office (SC)
9701 W. 137th Street

Monday-Friday: 8:00A-4:30P

Administrative Offices
6545 W. 151st Street

Monday-Friday: 8:00A-4:30P

Vision Statement:

"Enriching Lives, Strengthening a Spirit of Community"

Mission Statement:

"We will champion community and personal growth through dynamic lifelong recreation experiences."