Summer Camps

2019 Summer Camps

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Treehouse Art Camps

Join Treehouse Art Studio for engaging art activities that encourage participants to imagine, create, and celebrate their inner artists! Bring a water bottle and nut-free snack to camp. Held at our Activity Center (AC).
Magical Unicorn Art Camp
Create a magical unicorn initial, a dreamy unicorn dreamcatcher, a mini unicorn canvas with a darling tiny easel, and a mixed media wooden unicorn. It’s a magical time with paints, yarn, and sparkles.
Ages 5 and up
456033-01 M,Tu 9:00A-12:00P 6/3-6/4 $100/$125NR
Mystical Mermaid Art Camp
Make a splash creating a mixed media wooden mermaid, a beautiful mermaid painting, and glittery mermaid jewelry. We’ll also create gorgeous sea shell jewelry stands using vintage knobs and shells.
Ages 5 and up
456033-02 M,Tu 1:00P-4:00P 6/3-6/4 $100/$125NR
Fairy Ballerina Art Camp
Paint a beautiful ballerina on canvas, paint and embellish a ballerina jewelry box, string a ballerina necklace, decorate wands, wings, and crowns and make a truly magical light-up fairy jar.
Ages 5 and up
456033-03 W-F 9:00A-12:00P 6/5-6/7 $135/$168NR
Dollhouse Designers Art Camp
Paint and embellish the exterior and interior of your very own 22¾"x 8¾" x 23¼" wooden dollhouse to take home. Designers paint, wallpaper, shingle the roof, make furniture, add lighting, and more. These free-standing houses can be mounted on the wall as a shelf that is perfect for display.
Ages 5 and up
456033-04 W-F 1:00P-4:00P 6/5-6/7 $175/$219NR
Sewing Camp
Learn sewing basics in this stylish camp as you hand stitch and machine sew a beautiful embroidery hoop project, pillow, and more.
Ages 8 and up
456033-05 M,Tu 9:00A-12:00P 6/10-6/11 $100/$125NR
Tween DIY Décor Camp
Learn to power up electric sanders and power drills to create a wooden jewelry holder with decorative knobs and paint. Decorate a personalized, magnetic message board, create handmade magnets, and a pencil cup.
Ages 8 and up
456033-06 M,Tu 1:00P-4:00P 6/10-6/11 $100/$125NR

Summer Art with Marina Laser

Local artist Marina Laser helps campers explore their creative side through various mediums, projects and techniques. Held at our Activity Center (AC).
Dr. Seuss
Discover the world of Dr. Seuss by experimenting with painting techniques, sculpting, and collage.
Ages 4-12
456086-01 Tu-F 9:00A-11:30A 5/28-5/31 $125/$156NR
Creating with Color
Imagination and creativity meet while producing original artwork. Spiral dye a shirt, paint, collage, and sculpt. Bring a white, cotton t-shirt on the first day. (No camp 7/4)
Ages 5-12
456086-02 Tu-F 12:30P-3:00P 5/28-5/31 $125/$156NR
456086-03 M-F 9:00A-11:00A 6/10-6/14 $125/$156NR
456086-04 M-F 9:00A-11:30A 7/1-7/5 $125/$156NR
456086-05 M-F 9:00A-11:00A 7/15-7/19 $125/$156NR
456086-06 M-F 9:00A-11:00A 8/5-8/9 $125/$156NR
Aliens & Spaceships
Let your imagination soar to another dimension! Create silly, fun aliens and spaceships from a variety of materials.
Ages 5-12
456086-16 M-F 9:00A-11:00A 6/24-6/28 $125/$156NR
Dragons & Castles
We allow imaginations to come alive while drawing, 
painting, and sculpting dragons and castles.
Ages 5-12
456086-08 M-F 9:00A-11:00A 6/3-6/7 $125/$156NR
Fairy Garden Fantasy
A fun-filled week of fairies and dreams. Create a magical world by painting a terra cotta pot and creating stick fairies.
Ages 5-12
456086-09 M-F 12:00P-2:00P 6/3-6/7 $125/$156NR
Flowers, Seashells & More
Art by American artist Georgia O’Keefe provides 
inspiration to create original art works using 
watercolor, tempera, acrylic paint, oil pastels, and modeling clay. (No camp 7/4)
Ages 5-12
456086-19 M-F 12:30P-3:00P 7/1-7/5 $125/$156NR
456086-20 M-F 9:00A-11:00A 7/22-7/26 $125/$156NR
Papier-Mache Animals
Use classic papier-mâché techniques to create unique animals to decorate and take home.
Ages 5-12
456086-12 M-F 9:00A-11:00A 6/17-6/21 $125/$156NR
456086-13 M-F 12:00P-2:00P 7/29-8/2 $125/$156NR
Pirates Ahoy!
Paint ships on the high seas, create a treasure map to find pirate loot, and create a pirate’s best friend...a parrot.
Ages 5-12
456086-21 M-F 9:00A-11:00A 7/8-7/12 $125/$156NR
Soft Animal Sculpt
Create original designs for soft animals to cut out, hand sew, stuff, and add accessories.
Ages 5-12
456086-14 M-F 12:00P-2:00P 6/17-6/21 $125/$156NR
456086-15 M-F 9:00A-11:00A 7/29-8/2 $125/$156NR
Weaving Wonders
Use a picture frame as a loom to make a beautiful and unique project. Individualize with yarn, ribbon, beads, and buttons.
Ages 5-12
456086-18 M-F 12:00P-2:00P 6/24-6/28 $125/$156NR
Beginner Drawing
Explore drawing fundamentals with pencil, pen, colored pencils, and markers. Learn about line, composition, and space. Bring a 9x12 spiral-bound sketchbook to camp.
Ages 5-7
456086-22 M-F 12:00P-2:00P 7/22-7/26 $125/$156NR
Ages 8-12
456086-23 M-F 12:00P-2:00P 7/15-7/19 $125/$156NR
Duct Tape Creations
Roll out the fun with colorful duct tape to make creative jewelry, wallets, and other cool projects.
Ages 8-12
456086-10 M-F 12:00P-2:00P 6/10-6/14 $125/$156NR
456086-11 M-F 12:00P-2:00P 7/8-7/12 $125/$156NR
Sculpture Camp
Sculpture is three-dimensional artwork created by shaping or combining materials. Our sculpture 
lessons include forming, collaging, gluing, and more. We’ll make use of materials such as clay, wood, paper, tape, foam, wire, and stones.
Ages 8-12
456086-25 M-F 12:00P-2:00P 8/5-8/9 $125/$156NR


Sew Much Fun Camp
It will be "sew" much fun getting to know notions as we progress to crafting a pizza pillow, a pillowcase, sleep pants or boxers, and a stuffed teddy bear. Learn how to use your sewing machine, how to use various stitches on your machine, how to close an opening, finish seams, wind a bobbin, pattern layout, cutting and matching notches, and much more. Bring your own sewing machine. A few machines are available on a first-come basis. A supply list will be emailed upon registration.
Ages 8-14
456011-01 Tu-F 1:00P-3:30P 5/28-5/31 $26/$33NR
Chess Camps
Two instructional periods of about 15 minutes highlight each day. All aspects of the game will be covered during the week and a tactic and a checkmate pattern will be presented each instruction period. The rest of the time will be devoted to ladder/tournament play. By enrolling in camp, you give the instructor, Bob Spies, permission to email pairing and camp information throughout the duration. Bring a chess set. Younger students welcome if they know how the pieces move and understand check and checkmate.
Beginner Chess Camp
For beginners to players with ratings below 1000.
Ages 6-13
456016-01 M-F 9:00A-11:00A 6/10-6/14 $61/$76NR
Ages 8-13
456016-02 M-F 9:00A-11:00A 7/8-7/12 $61/$76NR
Intermediate Chess Camp
For experienced players rated under 1000. 
Ages 6-13
456016-03 M-F 9:00A-11:00A 8/5-8/9 $61/$76NR
Magic Camp
Local magician Bob Goodin teaches tricks to amaze family and friends. Perform magic tricks and make props to take home. Magic performance held on last day of camp. All supplies included.
Ages 8-12
456071-01 M-Th 10:00A-11:30A 6/24-6/27 $108
456071-02 M-Th 1:00P-2:30P 7/15-7/18 $108
Young Chefs Academy
These cooking classes offer a safe environment to encourage discovery and creativity. While teaching culinary skills is the main ingredient, each class adds a heap of kitchen safety, a scoop of etiquette, a handful of table setting, a pinch of menu planning, and laughter to taste. Held at Young Chefs Academy.
Ages 6-10
456093-01 Tu 11:00A-12:15P 6/11 $20/$25NR
Fondue Fun
456093-03 Tu 12:45P-2:00P 6/11 $20/$25NR
456093-05 Th 11:00A-12:15P 6/20 $20/$25NR
Cupcake Decorating
456093-07 Th 12:45P-2:00P 6/20 $20/$25NR
Fiesta Time
456093-09 W 11:00A-12:15P 7/10 $20/$25NR
Easy as Pie
456093-11 W 12:45P-2:00P 7/10 $20/$25NR
Ages 9-13
456093-02 Tu 11:00A-12:15P 6/11 $20/$25NR
Fondue Fun
456093-04 Tu 12:45P-2:00P 6/11 $20/$25NR
456093-06 Th 11:00A-12:15P 6/20 $20/$25NR
Cupcake Decorating
456093-08 Th 12:45P-2:00P 6/20 $20/$25NR
Fiesta Time
456093-10 W 11:00A-12:15P 7/10 $20/$25NR
Easy as Pie
456093-12 W 12:45P-2:00P 7/10 $20/$25NR


Mad Science Camps

Developed to spark imagination and inspire a desire to learn more about life sciences, earth, and space. Plenty of activities with make-and-take experiments add to the experience. Held at our Activity Center (AC).
Rockin’ Robots Plus
Hours of hands-on activities with robot mazes, 
alternative energy sources (solar, hydrogen, and wind), take-homes (including a circuit maze game you design and build), and more time with robots. Build a working robot to take home at the end of the week. Bring a sack lunch and drink.
Ages 7-12
456028-01 M-F 9:00A-4:00P 6/3-6/7 $273/$341NR
Clues, Crimes & Culprits
The Mad Science monkey is missing! You get to 
analyze evidence from the crime scene in the lab using chemistry, forensics science, physics, and biology to solve the crime. Receive a lab coat, magnifying glass, and a case notebook to keep.
Ages 5-8
456028-02 M-F 9:00A-12:00P 6/10-6/14 $143/$179NR
Advanced Robotics
Robots are not just science fiction anymore. Discover the science behind gears and how robots use sensors to explore things around them. Learn about artificial intelligence and how it is revolutionizing our world. Put all this knowledge to use when you build your very own robot.
Ages 9-14
456028-03 M-F 1:00P-4:00P 6/10-6/14 $182/$228NR
Outdoor Explorers
Each session is devoted to different aspects of the 
outdoors, allowing children to progressively enrich their understanding of how living things grow and how they interact with the environment around them. Perform hands-on experiments, play games, and enjoy a snack and story related to the theme for that day. A mural will grow through the course of the program as children illustrate their latest discoveries at the close of each session.
Ages 4-6
456028-04 M-F 9:00A-11:30A 6/24-6/28 $130/$163NR
Rockin’ Robots
Learn the history of robot design and how robots sense, decide, and carry out tasks. Program a robot to do a series of maneuvers and participate in robot relays, then build a working robot to take home.
Ages 7-12
456028-05 M-F 1:00P-4:00P 6/24-6/28 $143/$179NR
Secret Agent Lab
Step into the shoes of a detective as you uncover and analyze evidence. Decode messages, experience night vision, use metal detectors and cool spy equipment, and try nifty tech tools.
Ages 6-12
456028-06 M-F 9:00A-12:00P 7/8-7/12 $130/$163NR
NASA-Journey Into Outer Space
From our Earth’s atmosphere to the outer reaches of our solar system, campers are on an exploration quest in honor of the 50th Anniversary of Apollo 11 landing and the first man to walk on the moon. Comets, planets, and stars are all waiting to be discovered. Learn about the four forces of flight, the challenges of space travel, and participate in a rocket launch! 
Ages 7-12
456028-07 M-F 9:00A-12:00P 7/15-7/19 $143/$179NR
Grossology Camp
Life is full of slippery, slimy, and gooey stuff! Get up to your elbows investigating digestion, chemical reactions, DNA, electrochemical reactions, and mucus - all part of what makes life possible. Bring a sack lunch and drink.
Ages 7-12
456028-08 M-F 9:00A-4:00P 7/22-7/26 $260/$325NR
Claws, Codes & Cosmos
Discover how to send secret messages to your friends using special codes. Learn about your surrounding environment and how science will help us protect our planet. Explore how Newton's laws are at work in your favorite sport. Become a young astronaut for a day and explore the mysteries of the solar system. Bring a sack lunch and drink.
Ages 7-12
456028-09 M-F 9:00A-4:00P 7/29-8/2 $260/$325NR
Eureka! The Inventor
Creative Contraption Warning! This is a camp designed by you, the Inventor. Each day you'll be given a series of challenges which must be overcome using basic materials, simple machines, tips from world famous inventors, and the most important thing of all - your mind. Construct catapults and forts and then lay siege, fabricate a winning egg drop design, construct a dancing robot, and assemble a working light saber to take home. While Thomas Edison said invention is 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration, this camp is 100% fun! Bring a sack lunch and drink.
Ages 7-12
456028-10 M-F 9:00A-4:00P 8/5-8/9 $260/$325NR

Math Monkey Camps

Math Monkey Math Blast Camp
Kids get a boost from this proven math-is-fun approach. Review math skills and strengthen
problem solving skills. For more information, visit Grades as of Fall 2019. (No camp 7/4) Held at Math Monkey Leawood (MM).
Adding & Subtracting (Grades 1-3)
456001-01 M-Th 10:00A-12:00P 7/15-7/18 $120/$150NR
456001-02 M-Th 12:30P-2:30P 7/29-8/1 $120/$150NR
Time & Money (Grades 2-3)
456001-03 M-Th 12:30P-2:30P 7/15-7/18 $120/$150NR
Brain Builders (Grades 3-4)
456001-04 M-Th 12:30P-2:30P 7/8-7/11 $120/$150NR
Intro to Multiplication & Division (Grades 3-4)
456001-05 M-Th 10:00A-12:00P 7/8-7/11 $120/$150NR
456001-06 M-Th 10:00A-12:00P 8/5-8/8 $120/$150NR
Advanced Multiplication Division (Grades 4-5)
456001-07 M-W,F 12:30P-2:30P 7/1-7/5 $120/$150NR
456001-08 M-Th 12:30P-2:30P 7/22-7/25 $120/$150NR
Fractions & Decimals (Grades 4-5)
456001-09 M-Th 10:00A-12:00P 7/29-8/1 $120/$150NR
Brain Builders (Grades 5-6)
456001-10 M-Th 10:00A-12:00P 7/22-7/25 $120/$150NR
Pre-Algebra (Grades 6-7)
456001-11 M-Th 12:30P-2:30P 8/5-8/8 $120/$150NR


Bricks 4 Kidz
Reinforce essential skills with a fun approach based on the time-tested popularity of LEGO® bricks! Held at our Activity Center (AC).
Ages 5-12
LEGO® Comic Creator
Create characters, develop story lines, and incorporate pictures of actual sets all designed with LEGO® bricks. After creating various scenes, campers snap pictures and upload them utilizing a software program to create their very own one-of-a-kind comic book. Along with honing your story telling skills, this camp is sure to take your imagination to the next level. Campers receive a digital copy of their book.
456009-01 W-F 9:00A-12:00P 5/29-5/31 $125/$156NR
LEGO® Mining & Crafting
Experience the world of Minecraft in this engineering class. Start by crafting shelters for protection from the monsters that come out at night as well as some of the mobs, critters, and tools using LEGO® bricks. Face new challenges each day building models and crafting some key elements from the popular game.
456009-02 W-F 1:00P-4:00P 5/29-5/31 $125/$156NR
Comic Creator & Mining & Crafting
456009-03 W-F 9:00A-4:00P 5/29-5/31 $200/$250NR
LEGO® Stop Motion Animation Camp
Tell your story with music, special effects, and your favorite mini-figure characters. In this unique and creative camp, students will plan, script, stage, shoot, and produce their own mini-movie and will work as a team to build props and the set. Bring your dreams and see your ideas come alive. Each student will have a movie file of their creations to take home.
456009-04 M-F 9:00A-12:00P 6/3-6/7 $175/$219NR
LEGO® Superhero Academy
A super week of super building with LEGO® bricks. Explore all the caped crusaders and discover their super powers. 
Create a fantasy world and protect it against all the evil arch-enemies with custom contraptions.
456009-05 M-F 1:00P-4:00P 6/3-6/7 $175/$219NR
Stop Motion & Superhero
456009-06 M-F 9:00A-4:00P 6/3-6/7 $300/$325NR
LEGO® Pocket Brick Monsters
Do you have what it takes to become a Pokémon Master? Capture wild Pokémon creatures and train them for battle. Tap into your inner engineer as we build Dratini®, Pikachu®, and Poke’ BallsTM. Bring your own Pokémon® trading cards if you wish to play and trade at the end of each day.
456009-07 M-F 9:00A-12:00P 6/10-6/14 $175/$219NR
LEGO® Building is Awesome!
Join Emmet, Lucy, Unicorn Kitty, and Benny on a journey to stop Bad Cop and Lord Business from super-gluing the world. Put your engineering skills to work to build motorized models, 3D figure models, and mosaics. Play fun games and do cool crafts based on The LEGO® Movie and its sequel. Take an imaginary ride on Metal Beard’s ship or Emmet’s double-decker couch.
456009-08 M-F 1:00P-4:00P 6/10-6/14 $175/$219NR
Pocket Brick Monsters & Building is Awesome
456009-09 M-F 9:00A-4:00P 6/10-6/14 $300/$325NR
Remote Control Mania & Everything LEGO® Camp
Making it move is the name of the game at this exciting camp! Kids will love to see their creations in motion using LEGO® wireless remote controls. Use fascinating and 
challenging components to create dynamic vehicles, 
inventions, machines, and more. Enjoy building to 
understand the basic working principles of many ingenious devices that are part of our everyday lives. Learn how to 
magnify, diminish, and redirect force to move objects at 
different speeds and in different directions.
456009-10 M-F 9:00A-12:00P 6/17-6/21 $175/$219NR
Movie Mash Up LEGO® Camp
Join us on a movie mash-up adventure! This camp is filled with a variety of awesome model builds from your favorite movies. You won’t want to miss this magical experience, packed with building and imagination. Each day offers 
something new including characters from the original movies and the sequels. Explore concepts of engineering and 
architecture through building specially-designed Bricks 4 Kidz motorized models, mosaics, and 3D figure build. Come build and play with us in an exciting mixed world of pocket monsters, the incredible family of heroes, teen Robin and his crew of amateur heroes, Ana and Elsa, and more! As part of the movie mash-up, there will also be cool models and fun activities involving the beloved big city pets Max, Snowball, and pals.
456009-11 M-F 1:00P-4:00P 6/17-6/21 $175/$219NR
Remote Control Mania & Movie Mash Up 
456009-12 M-F 9:00A-4:00P 6/17-6/21 $300/$325NR
LEGO® "Galaxy Far Away” Space Camp
Join us on an adventurous journey through space! Build the Redstone Rocket to blast through the atmosphere into a realm that is truly out of this world. Travel back in time to build NASA’s Gemini Capsule. Trust your astronaut building skills to pilot a spacecraft that will bring you back to Earth safely. We’ll build motorized models that represent spacecraft from your favorite popular space movie. Come experience this stellar journey to a galaxy far away!
456009-13 M-F 9:00A-12:00P 6/24-6/28 $175/$219NR
LEGO® Mining & Crafting Camp
Experience the world of Minecraft in this engineering class. Start by crafting shelters for protection from the monsters that come out at night as well as some of the mobs, critters, and tools using LEGO® bricks. Students face new challenges each day building models and crafting some key elements from the popular game.
456009-14 M-F 1:00P-4:00P 6/24-6/28 $175/$219NR
Galaxy Far Away Space Camp & Mining & Crafting
456009-15 M-F 9:00A-4:00P 6/24-6/28 $300/$325NR
Intro to Coding & Brick City Engineers
Let’s build a city! There are many different types of engineering jobs and building is one of the most fun! What would a city be without the architects and engineers who come up with the ideas, plans, and building skills to make it all come together? Campers will put their engineering and architecture skills to work as they build city-themed models using LEGO® Bricks. The sky’s the limit when campers are challenged to use their own ideas and skills to build a skyscraper taller than their heads. They’ll have a blast using custom-built cars to move the people of the city all around town – brick by brick. 
456009-16 M-F 9:00A-12:00P 7/8-7/12 $175/$219NR
LEGO® Jurassic Brick Land
Are you ready for the adventure of a lifetime? You’re about to enter Jurassic Brick Land! Campers will build a world that comes to life with a gentle Brontosaurus, a terrifying T.Rex, 
a ferocious Velociraptor, and more! Learn about amazing 
dinosaurs that lived during the Jurassic period and other extinct, prehistoric animals that roamed the earth and swam the seas during that era and millions of years later. Show us your building skills using our specialized project kits!
456009-17 M-F 1:00P-4:00P 7/8-7/12 $175/$219NR
Intro to Coding & Jurassic Brick Land
456009-18 M-F 9:00A-4:00P 7/8-7/12 $300/$325NR
LEGO® Extreme Ninja Camp
Ninjas...GO! There is a new ninja on the block, and he’s ready to fight to defend his honor and establish peace! The team of five Ninjas has their own important role to play in carrying on the legacy of self-discipline, courage, honor, and spectacular ninja skill. Join the team by using LEGO® bricks, technic pieces, gears, and motors to build the ninja domain of temples, dragons, awesome motorized ninja vehicles, ninja spinning machines, and more.
456009-19 M-F 9:00A-12:00P 7/15-7/19 $175/$219NR
LEGO® Space Adventures
Inspired by Star Wars™ and NASA, this camp is packed full of models to make your imagination blast off! Each day, 
campers learn about real-life space exploration and build models related to the NASA space program. In addition, the day includes LEGO® Star Wars™ themed models, video games, group games, challenges, and more.
456009-20 M-F 1:00P-4:00P 7/15-7/19 $175/$219NR
Extreme Ninja & Space Adventure
456009-21 M-F 9:00A-4:00P 7/15-7/19 $300/$325NR
LEGO® Stop Motion Animation Camp
Lights, cameras, LEGO®, computers, software, and your creativity combine to design, create, and film a stop action movie. Using LEGO® bricks and more, you tell your story with music, special effects, and your favorite mini-figure characters. In this unique and creative camp, students will plan, script, stage, shoot, and produce their own mini-movie and will work as a team to build props and the set. Each 
student will have a movie file of their creations to take home.
456009-22 M-F 9:00A-12:00P 7/22-7/26 $175/$219NR
LEGO® Gaming Camp
Angry Birds, Clash of Clans, Mario, and many more are all the focus of this camp. Build your favorite video game characters and face this off against each other! Includes three different camps for an all-around blast.
456009-23 M-F 1:00P-4:00P 7/22-7/26 $175/$219NR
Stop Motion & Gaming Camp
456009-24 M-F 9:00A-4:00P 7/15-7/19 $300/$325NR
Comic Creator & Pocket Brick Monsters
Create your own characters, develop story lines, and incorporate pictures of actual sets all designed with LEGO® bricks! After creating various scenes, campers will snap pictures and upload them utilizing a software program to create their very own one-of-a-kind comic books. Along with honing your story telling skills, this camp is sure to take your imagination to the next level. Paired with our Pocket Brick Monsters Camp inspired by Pokemon® for a blast!
456009-25 M-F 9:00A-12:00P 7/29-8/2 $175/$219NR
LEGO® Transformation Creations Camp
Get ready to discover how your model transforms! You’ll love the mash-up of combination models that can be rebuilt into something different. These awesome 2-in-1 models include exciting robots, vehicles, and more. Follow the step-by-step building plans and ignite your inner engineer by using your imagination to transform your model into something unique.
456009-26 M-F 1:00P-4:00P 7/29-8/2 $175/$219NR
Comic Creator & Pocket Brick Monsters & Transformation Creations
456009-27 M-F 9:00A-4:00P 7/29-8/2 $300/$325NR

Youth Tech Camp

A caring and positive environment encourages creativity, fun, and academic excellence. For more information, please visit
iGame Creators
An introductory course for younger students who want to learn to build simple video games. This course combines the art of video game design and animation to create interactive characters that fly around the screen. Amaze your friends and family with your fun, interactive games.
Ages 6-10
456040-01 Tu-F 9:30A-12:00P 5/28-5/31 AC $125
456040-02 M-Th 9:30A-12:00P 6/10-6/13 BVM $125
456040-03 M-Th 1:00P-3:00P 7/22-7/25 SRE $125
Video Game Design
Create interactive games to play with others in a cooperative, fun setting while exploring the world of game development.
Ages 10-17
456040-04 Tu-F 1:00P-4:00P 5/28-5/31 AC $175
456040-05 M-Th 9:00A-12:00P 6/17-6/20 BVM $175
456040-06 M-Th 9:00A-12:00P 7/29-8/1 MNU $175
Entrepreneurial Game
This full-day class guides students through world of video game development where students create games they can promote and share. Work as a game developer and create a game development business learning valuable skills about marketing, design, and promotion in the field electronic arts. Create a website and other marketing materials to promote your video game design business. Bring a sack lunch and drink. (No camp 7/4)
Ages 10-17
456040-07 M-Th 9:00A-3:00P 6/3-6/6 BVM $250
456040-08 M-W,F 9:00A-3:00P 7/1-7/5 AC $250
Movie Makers
Learn concepts of digital video design and production by creating and directing a music video.
Ages 9-17
456040-09 M-Th 1:00P-4:00P 6/3-6/6 BVM $155
456040-10 M-Th 9:00A-12:00P 7/22-7/25 SRE $155
Learn digital design basics to create interactive animations with Adobe® Flash animation software.
Ages 9-17
456040-11 M-Th 9:00A-12:00P 6/3-6/6 BVM $165
456040-12 M-Th 1:00P-4:00P 7/29-8/1 MNU $165
Gaming & Coding
This course combines two unbelievable experiences for students – gaming and coding. Students spend the morning taking an interactive look at coding and building virtual apps to share with friends.
Ages 6-12
456040-13 M-Th 9:30A-3:30P 6/10-6/13 BVM $255
This course offers younger students a fun, interactive look at coding. Students will create virtual apps and write their own programs that they can share with friends and family. This course makes learning to code fun and explores problem solving and programing logic. Students must be able to read prior to enrolling.
Ages 6-12
456040-14 M-Th 1:00P-3:30P 6/10-6/13 BVM $125
456040-15 M-Th 9:30A-12:00P 7/8-7/11 SRE $125
456040-16 M-Th 1:00P-3:30P 8/5-8/8 MNU $125
Robotics-Battle Bots
A hands-on opportunity to build and program robots as a team. Compete in real-world activities while evolving robots for more challenges. Campers compete in the battle bots competition at the end of the camp to prove their robot is the best. Perfect for the camper who has a big imagination and likes to build things. (No camp 7/4)
Ages 9-15
456040-17 M-Th 9:00A-12:00P 6/10-6/13 BVM $150
456040-18 M-W,F 9:00A-12:00P 7/1-7/5 AC $150
456040-19 M-Th 1:00P-4:00P 7/15-7/18 SRE $150
ROBLOX Studio Programming & Game Development
Calling all ROBLOX users! Join in with millions of gamers and immerse yourself in your own 3D world! ROBLOX Studio is a 3D-based program that uses physics, LUA programming, and individual creativity to build a world around you, and your avatar - unlike any other software This course will guide students through concepts such as beginner physics, LUA programming, and game development. Students in this course will build and published their multi-player game to share with friends and family!
Ages 9-15
456040-20 M-Th 1:00P-4:00P 6/10-6/13 BVM $155
456040-21 M-Th 9:00A-12:00P 7/8-7/11 SRE $155
456040-22 M-Th 1:00P-4:00P 8/5-8/8 MNU $155
3D Game Design
An interactive look at the world of 3D Game Design. This awesome 3D video game design course offers the chance for students to create and immerse themselves in a 3D world. If you are looking to design professional 3D games that both look and feel just like the ones you play at home, then you don't want to miss this course. (No camp 7/4)
Ages 10-17
456040-23 M-Th 1:00P-4:00P 6/17-6/20 BVM $165
456040-24 M-W,F 1:00P-4:00P 7/1-7/5 AC $165
456040-25 M-Th 1:00P-4:00P 7/29-8/1 MNU $165
Music Studio
An interactive look at digital music production. Go through the creative process of developing your own tracks, ring tones, and theme music to look at the integration of music into our everyday world. This class is perfect for the student who loves music and wants to learn how to create and share their own digital music to share with the world.
Ages 9-17
456040-26 M-Th 1:00P-4:00P 6/17-6/20 BVM $150
456040-43 M-Th 9:00A-12:00P 8/5-8/8 MNU $150
Gaming Academy
Become immersed in the world of 2D and 3D game design with a combination of Video Game Design, Advanced Game Design, and 3D Game Design courses. Bring a sack lunch and drink.
Ages 10-17
456040-27 M-Th 9:00A-4:00P 6/17-6/20 BVM $320
456040-28 M-Th 9:00A-4:00P 7/29-8/1 MNU $320
Graphic Design
Cover the basics of digital photography as well as key concepts in the world of digital imaging. Students enrolled in this course will take photos and learn how to manipulate images using Adobe’s powerful image editing software Adobe® PhotoShop to create the image that they envision.
Ages 9-17
456040-29 M-Th 9:00A-12:00P 6/17-6/20 BVM $150
456040-30 M-Th 9:00A-12:00P 7/15-7/18 SRE $150
Young Engineers
Technology and innovation collide in this interactive class that unlocks the imagination of young engineers. Ever thought of creating a piano out of bananas or a video game controller out of a piece of paper? Why not? Utilize an invention kit for the 21st century and guide the process of building several fun, interactive creations.
Ages 6-10
456040-31 M-Th 9:30A-12:00P 6/24-6/27 BVM $110
456040-32 M-Th 9:30A-12:00P 7/22-7/25 SRE $110
iMobile Game Design
Sketch, build, and play. This class offers students with a big imagination a place to sketch and build their own video games on a mobile device. If you have a student who loves to play games on an iPad® this course helps them engineer and build games on a mobile platform. Engages both sides of the brain to create fun engaging games for a mobile platform. Tablets will be provided for use in class.
Ages 6-12
456040-33 M-Th 9:30A-12:00P 6/24-6/27 BVM $125
456040-34 M-Th 1:00P-3:00P 7/15-7/18 SRE $125
456040-35 M-Th 9:30A-12:00P 7/29-8/1 MNU $125
Robotics Games, Mazes & Programing
This course offers hands-on opportunities working with robotic Spheros and features robotic games, mazes and programming. Designed for creative students who enjoy the challenge of real-world problem solving to help their robot better compete in robotic activities.
Ages 9-15
456040-36 M-Th 1:00P-4:00P 6/24-6/27 BVM $150
456040-37 M-Th 9:00A-12:00P 6/24-6/27 MNU $150
Application Design
This class offers students a hands-on look at the world of application design and development. This interactive course will instruct students about the design and development of applications. Students will design their own app, which can be shared with friends and family members with an Apple or Android device.
Ages 9-17
456040-38 M-Th 1:00P-4:00P 6/24-6/27 BVM $150
456040-39 M-Th 1:00P-4:00P 7/22-7/25 SRE $150
Cartoon Creators
This is a perfect class for the student with a big imagination that wants to learn how to create their own cartoons and digital creations. This course will teach students how to build digital comics to share with friends and family.
Ages 6-10
456040-40 M-Th 1:00P-3:30P 7/8-7/11 SRE $110
Web Design & Development
Build a website from start to finish using Adobe® Creative Suite. Students will have access to their website with free hosting for one year.
Ages 9-17
456040-41 M-Th 1:00P-4:00P 7/8-7/11 SRE $150
Arcade Games
Designed as a great follow-up course to iGame Creators, this class gives students a look at online game development and puts them in the driver’s seat of simple game creation. Students in this course will develop online games including arcade style, platform, and other interactive games that they can publish and share online.
Ages 6-12
456040-42 M-Th 9:30A-12:00P 7/15-7/18 SRE $120


Theater of the Imagination
Everyone’s a star in this camp and receives an equal-sized part, so no auditions are held. Miles McMahon and staff cultivate children’s creativity and group cooperation while working toward a final show at the end of each session. Free costumes, free snacks! Bring a lunch. (No camp 7/4) Held at Theater of the Imagination (TOI)
Ages 5-12
Space Warriors vs. Ninja
456073-01 Tu-F 10:00A-4:30P 6/4-6/7 $175
Rock & Roll Unicorns: The Musical
456073-02 Tu-F 10:00A-4:30P 6/4-6/7 $175
Space Ninja Warriors: Rock & Roll Adventures
456073-03 M-Th 10:00A-4:30P 6/10-6/13 $175
Pink Fluffy Unicorns
456073-04 M-Th 10:00A-4:30P 6/10-6/13 $175
Dinos vs. Dragons
456073-05 Tu-F 10:00A-4:30P 6/18-6/21 $175
The Unfrozen Princesses
456073-06 Tu-F 10:00A-4:30P 6/18-6/21 $175
Dinosaur & Dragon Adventure
456073-07 M-Th 10:00A-4:30P 6/24-6/27 $175
Princesses in a Frozen Land
456073-08 M-Th 10:00A-4:30P 6/24-6/27 $175
Spiderguys Get Free Fidget Spinners!
456073-09 M-F 10:00A-4:30P 7/1-7/5 $175
Unicorns Get Free Fidget Spinners!
456073-10 M-F 10:00A-4:30P 7/1-7/5 $175
Spiderguy Fidget Spinner Adventure
456073-11 M-Th 10:00A-4:30P 7/8-7/11 $175
My BFF is a Unicorn
456073-12 M-Th 10:00A-4:30P 7/8-7/11 $175
Space Warriors: Spookymon Go
456073-13 Tu-F 10:00A-4:30P 7/16-7/19 $175
Cats are Bae: The Musical
456073-14 Tu-F 10:00A-4:30P 7/16-7/19 TOI $175

Music House Camps

The professional music staff at Music House provides an exciting environment for students wanting to explore and expand their musical knowledge.
Rock Band 1
Prerequisite: One year of music lessons. Open to guitarists who can play power chords in time, bassists who can play in time with a metronome, vocalists, drummers who are able to play a steady rock beat, pianists, string players, and horn players with basic sight-reading skills.
Ages 9-12
455068-01 M-F 12:30P-3:30P 6/3-6/7 MHS $280
455068-02 M-F 12:30P-3:30P 6/10-6/14 MHW $280
455068-03 M-F 12:30P-3:30P 6/24-6/28 MHS $280
455068-04 M-F 12:30P-3:30P 7/15-7/19 MHW $280
455068-05 M-F 12:30P-3:30P 8/5-8/9 MHW $280
Rock Band 2
Prerequisite: One-plus years of music lessons. Open to guitar players who can play open position chords, bassists, and drummers who are able to play in time with a metronome. Keyboard players should know basic triad. String and horn players need intermediate sight-reading skills.
Ages 13-17
455068-06 M-F 12:30P-3:30P 6/17-6/21 MHW $280
455068-07 M-F 12:30P-3:30P 7/22-7/26 MHS $280
Day Jam
Try out different instruments and experiment with ensemble playing, singing, joining in a drum circle, learning how to write a song, and much more.
Ages 6-8
455068-08 M-F 12:30P-3:30P 6/17-6/21 MHS $280
455068-09 M-F 12:30P-3:30P 7/8-7/12 MHW $280
455068-10 M-F 12:30P-3:30P 7/15-7/19 MHS $280
455068-11 M-F 12:30P-3:30P 7/29-8/2 MHS $280
Ages 9-12
455068-12 M-F 12:30P-3:30P 6/3-6/7 MHW $280
455068-13 M-F 12:30P-3:30P 6/24-6/28 MHW $280
455068-14 M-F 12:30P-3:30P 7/8-7/12 MHS $280
Purely Vocal
For beginning and intermediate vocalists who love to sing. Spend the week singing solos, a cappella, duets, and lead. Everything leads to a performance at the end of camp.
Ages 9-12
455068-15 M-F 12:30P-3:30P 6/10-6/14 MHW $280
455068-16 M-F 12:30P-3:30P 7/15-7/19 MHS $280
Pop Music Piano Adventure
Prerequisite: four months of instruction required. Do you know what you can do with a piano keyboard these days? The answer is almost anything! Experiment with new sounds and possibilities and learn your favorite pop music songs.
Ages 6-8
455068-17 M-F 12:30P-3:30P 6/3-6/7 MHS $280
455068-18 M-F 12:30P-3:30P 7/22-7/26 MHW $280
Ages 9-12
455068-19 M-F 12:30P-3:30P 6/10-6/14 MHS $280
Legendary Guitar Riffs
Open to all instruments with at least two years of music 
instruction required; previous band experience preferred. Spend a week recording and mixing your own music. Recording is just as essential to musical expression as performing, so don’t miss this chance to expand your musical potential. You’ll never approach music the same way again.
Ages 9-17
455068-20 M-F 12:30P-3:30P 6/24-6/28 MHS $280 
Recording Camp
Open to all instruments with at least two years of music instruction; previous band experience preferred. In this day and age, recording is just as essential to musical expression as performing, so don’t miss this chance to expand your musical potential. Spend a week recording, editing, and mastering your music. You’ll never approach music the same way again.
Ages 13 and up
455068-21 M-F 12:30P-3:30P 7/29-8/2 MHW $280
455068-22 M-F 12:30P-3:30P 8/5-8/9 MHS $280


Hours of Operation

Activity Center (AC)
6545 W. 151st Street

Monday - Friday: 6:00A-9:00P
Saturday: 7:00A-7:00P
Sunday: 12:00P-7:00P

Rec Center at Hilltop (RC)
7720 W. 143rd Street
Monday-Friday: 5:30A-10:00P
Saturday: 7:00A-8:00P
Sunday: 8:00A-8:00P

Sports Complex Office (SC)
9701 W. 137th Street

Monday-Friday: 8:00A-4:30P

Administrative Offices
6545 W. 151st Street

Monday-Friday: 8:00A-4:30P

Vision Statement:

"Enriching Lives, Strengthening a Spirit of Community"

Mission Statement:

"We will champion community and personal growth through dynamic lifelong recreation experiences."