Winter Break Fun

Cap'n Fun points the way to special activities offered when school is out.  Check out our fun camps and classes during Winter Break.




Holiday Drop-in Swim
Special times while school is out. Admission is charged for ages 12 months and older. Lifeguards on duty at all times. Children under the age of 5 must be within arm’s reach of an adult.
All ages
Drop-in   Tu    10:00A-1:30P       12/24     AC     $5
Drop-in   Th    10:00A-12:30P    12/26     AC     $5
Drop-in   Th    2:00P-4:30P         12/26     AC     $5
Drop-in   Sa    10:00A-6:30P       12/28     AC    $5
Drop-in   M    10:00A-12:30P     12/30     AC    $5
Drop-in   M    2:00P-4:30P          12/30     AC    $5
Drop-in   Tu   2:00P-4:30P          12/31     AC    $5
Clara & the Nutcracker
Dance to Tchaikovsky’s beautiful music from the Nutcracker Suite after hearing the classic ballet story. Pretend to be Clara and dance with a nutcracker. Wear comfortable clothing; leotard and dance slippers not required.
Ages 3-5
253033-01   F    10:15A-11:00A     12/20    AC    $13/$15NR
253033-02   F    11:15A-12:00P     12/20    AC    $13/$15NR
Theatre of the Imagination Play in a Day
Kids spend the day with the entertaining staff where being dramatic is encouraged! Everyone gets to wear a costume and use props to tell their story. There are equal parts for all, so no experience required! Build self-confidence while having fun! Parents attend a 5:00P 
performance showcasing all actors. Bring a sack lunch and drink; snacks provided.
Ages 5-9
Space Warrior for a Day
256073-05   F    10:00A-5:00P     12/27    TOI     $45/$56NR
Popstar for a Day
256073-06   F    10:00A-5:00P     12/27    TOI      $45/$56NR 
NEW! Fairy Tales Chinese Camp
Designed especially for children who are in the Chinese 
immersion program or know some basic Chinese and want to keep learning during winter break. Kids perform skit shows of popular fairy tales and bedtime stories. Join us for Chinese story-time, singing, calligraphy, crafts, and games!
Age 6-9
356085-01  Th,F,M,Tu      9:00A-12:00P      12/26-12/31      AC      $140/$175NR
Mad Science
Learn about the exciting field of engineering as you and your team are guided through engineering-themed projects using LEGO® bricks. Step into the shoes of an aerospace engineer while assembling a space station and delve into the physics of carnival rides, structural basics of bridges, and nature’s very own engineering marvels.
Ages 7-12
256036-06   M,Tu     9:00A-4:00P     12/23-12/24      AC      $111/$139NR
Advanced Robotics
Learn about the science of robotics. Learn what is behind gears and how robots use sensors to explore things around them. We’ll build our very own robotic arm to take home.
Ages 9-14
256036-07   Th,F     9:00A-4:00P     12/26-12/27       AC          $163/$204NR
Rockin’ Robots
Learn about the history of robot design, how robots sense, decide and carry out tasks, program a robot to do a series of maneuvers and participate in robot relays. Build a working robot to take home.
Ages 7-12
256036-08   M,Tu    9:00A-4:00P     12/30-12/1        AC            $137/$171NR
Youth Tech Inc.
iGame Creators
An introductory course for younger students who want to learn to build simple video games. This course combines the art of video game design and animation to create interactive characters that fly around the screen. Amaze your friends and family with your fun interactive games.
Ages 6-10
256040-02    Sa        9:00A-12:00P        12/14-12/21       AC         $125
Offers younger students a fun, interactive look at coding. Students will create virtual apps and write their own programs that they can share with friends and family. This course makes learning to code fun and explores problem solving and programming logic.
Ages 6-12
256040-03   Sa         1:00P-4:00P          12/14-12/21      AC           $125
Gaming & Coding
Combines two unbelievable experiences for students: gaming and coding. Spend the morning taking an interactive look at coding and building virtual apps to share with friends. In the afternoon, build simple video games combing the art of video game design and 
animation to create interactive characters that fly around the screen.
Ages 6-12
256040-01   Sa          9:00A-4:00P        12/14-12/21     AC            $230
Video Game Design
Provides students with a fun interactive look at the world of video game design and development. Students enrolled in this camp will learn the basics of video game design and produce several different interactive video games to share with their friends and family.
Ages 10-17
256040-07   Th,F       9:00A-4:00P           12/26-12/27      AC         $165
Robotics-Battle Bots
Offers hands-on opportunities to build and program robots. Working in small teams, students will design robotics systems to compete in fun real-world activities. Each day will bring a new challenge, and your team’s robot will have to morph to better adapt and compete. Students will compete in the battle bots competition at the end of the camp to prove their robot is the best. This class is perfect for the student who has a big imagination and likes to build things.
Ages 9-15
256040-05   Th,F        9:00A-4:00P          12/26-12/27     AC             $150
Basketball Holiday Camp
Are your kids on holiday break and need to get out of the house? These camps are ideal for extra practice during break! Focus on shooting, passing, defense, offense, agility, and dribbling. Games and scrimmages included. Please bring a basketball with your name on it. Every camper receives a t-shirt if registered before camp deadlines.
Ages 7-9
263039-01    Th,F       9:00A-12:00P       12/26-12/27       RC      $45/$55NR
263039-02    Th,F      12:30P-3:30P        12/26-12/27       RC      $45/$55NR
263039-05    M,Tu       9:00A-12:00P      12/30-12/31       RC      $45/$55NR
263039-06    M,Tu      12:30P-3:30P        12/30-12/31      RC       $45/$55NR
263039-09    Th,F       9:00A-12:00P        1/2-1/3               RC       $45/$55NR
263039-10    Th,F      12:30P-3:30P        1/2-1/3                RC        $45/$55NR
Ages 10-13
263039-03     Th,F      9:00A-12:00P       12/26-12/27    RC           $45/$55NR
263039-04     Th,F     12:30P-3:30P        12/26-12/27    RC           $45/$55NR
263039-07     M,Tu       9:00A-12:00P     12/30-12/31    RC           $45/$55NR
263039-08     M,Tu      12:30P-3:30P       12/30-12/31   RC           $45/$55NR
263039-11     Th,F       9:00A-12:00P         1/2-1/3          RC           $45/$55NR
263039-12     Th,F      12:30P-3:30P           1/2-1/3          RC          $45/$55NR
Winter Break Paddle Sports Camp
Pickleball and Table Tennis come together in this fun camp that explores both sports. Learn game rules, understand court and table markings, unerstand how to keep score, plus go over basic playing techniques. At camp, kids also learn game strategies plus work on stroke development and techniques using practice drills. Each day includes a balance of learning and playing. Paddles and balls 
provided. Pickleball instructor is Carter Tubbesing and Table 
Tennis instructor is Dr. John Chen.
Ages 10-14
275030-01      Th,F        12:30P-2:30P            12/26-12/27         RC         $40/$50NR 
Volleyball Holiday Camp
Stresses the fundamentals of passing, setting, and hitting in a fun environment. MAVS coaches will instruct.
Grades 2-8
275006-01     M,Tu         9:00A-12:00P       12/30-12/31      TBA         $45/$61NR
275006-02     M,Tu         1:00P-4:00P         12/30-12/31      TBA          $45/$61NR
275006-03     Th,F          9:00A-12:00P        1/2-1/3              TBA          $45/$61NR
275006-04     Th,F           1:00P-4:00P          1/2-1/3              TBA          $45/$61NR



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